Valley Health System’s Don: Finding Real Growth

At Valley Health System, we recognize the importance of passion. For Registered Nurse Don, the chance to find a career that helped him grow professionally and personally was too big at VHS for him to pass up. See what else made him decide to join our Henderson Hospital team and what he loves most about his career.

Name: Don Gilbert Madrona

Current Job Title: Registered Nurse

VHS Hospital of Employment: Henderson Hospital

Total Years Worked at VHS: 6 months

How did you learn about VHS, and what attracted you to work here?

I learned about VHS through a family member who was involved in the building of Henderson Hospital. I got interested when hearing and seeing all the progress from breaking ground to the actual walls being put up. Coming from a busy and crowded Los Angeles, I thought it would be a great chance for my family to have more space and the opportunity to grow.

What do you like about working at VHS?

What I like the most about working at VHS are the people. Everyone I've come across have been nothing but helpful and welcoming, especially during this transition moving from out of state. Being part of a new hospital we are able to build our own culture. With so many of us from different backgrounds and specialties, we are able to combine all of our experiences and create a stronger unit.

What support and resources has VHS provided to help you with your career development and growth, or what do you attribute your success to?

I feel that VHS has a major emphasis on education and teaching. There is always encouragement to advance in degrees in your field or classes readily available for employees to learn something new or just keep updated. Everyone is always willing to teach, from the instructors of the VHS University or managers and clinical supervisor. That which all makes for a great learning environment while working.

Can you give an example of a time you practiced Service Excellence?

One example of a time I practiced Service Excellence is when we had a patient in ICU. The patient has been there for a while and we all gathered together to sing a very nice rendition of 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'. You could really see how surprised, happy and grateful the patient was!

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